STEK at the SEMA 2023

Img 2419 Jose Carlos Sanchez

We are thrilled to share the exciting highlights of our participation at the SEMA Show 2023, and we couldn't have done it without STEK distributors & installers unwavering support and commitment. The event was a tremendous success for STEK, and we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for being a part of this journey with us.

Here's a recap of the SEMA 2023 highlights:

Live Installations: Live installations of our DYNO PPF series were a major attraction at our booth. Visitors were able to witness firsthand the ease of application and the superior protection offered by our paint protection films. The demonstrations emphasized the precision and quality that our products bring to the automotive industry.

New Products Live Demo: Our live product demonstrations were a resounding success, reinforcing our reputation as a pioneer in the industry. We proudly presented two new products that will be available in 2024. DYNOtint Window Film: This innovative window film doesn't require heat for installation, offering a breakthrough in ease of application and quality. At the SEMA 2023 Demo it was installed in under 5 mins on the windshield.
DYNOglow PPF: A cutting-edge product that glows in the dark, setting new standards in both aesthetics and functionality.

CUTZ Pre-Cut Software: Our Pre-Cut Software, designed to streamline the installation process of our paint protection films and window tints, captured the imagination of the SEMA audience. The crowd was enthralled by the prospect of simplifying and accelerating their work, and the software's capabilities were met with great enthusiasm.

STEK Formula - PPF Care Solutions: The unveiling of our new line of PPF Care Solutions at SEMA was met with a resoundingly positive reception from the public. Attendees and industry professionals alike recognized the importance of maintaining and preserving the quality of paint protection films (PPF).

Our booth witnessed a steady increase in the number of visitors, a testament to the growing interest and recognition of the STEK brand. We are grateful for the overwhelming response and the opportunity to connect with both new and loyal customers.