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Formula Quartz Graphene

Never been more premium coating

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The last step of protection

STEK FORMULA Quartz Graphene is our premium ceramic coating designed to penetrate directly into the clear coat of your paint and specifically into the top-coat of STEK films to ensure the strongest long-term bond and performance.

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Hydrophobic 2


Thanks to its hydrophobic properties, FORMULA QUARTZ GRAPHENE offers excellent water repellency and resistance to water. As a self-cleaning coating, FORMULA QUARTZ GRAPHENE also allows easy cleaning of your car.

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FORMULA QUARTZ GRAPHENE effectively shields against damage from abrasion, chemicals, and other unwanted substances.

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Infused Protection

Instead of simply forming a layer on the vehicle surface, FORMULA QUARTZ GRAPHENE directly infuses with the top coating of the paint. This ensures maximum longevity.

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