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DYNOchrome, the World’s First Chrome Paint Protection Film


Reflect Your Unique Style

Say hello to DYNOchrome-blue, the world's first Chrome Paint Protection Film (PPF) in stunning sapphire blue. It's like wrapping your car in a shiny, scratch-resistant suit of armor.

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Chrome Finish
Self Healing
Self Healing
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Blue Steel? More Like Blue Chrome!

DYNOchrome-blue, the world's first Chrome Paint Protection Film (PPF) in stunning sapphire blue. Our DYNOchrome-blue is more than just protection; it's about making a statement. With its self-healing top-coat, it keeps your car looking flawless, reflecting your unparalleled style. And with a 10-year warranty, you know we've got your back—or rather, your car's back!

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Revolutionize Your Ride with Chrome PPF

Elevate your vehicle's aesthetics with the Chrome PPF series from STEK. Our innovative line of paint protection films boasts a striking chrome finish in a range of colors and finishes, from sapphire blue to intense black, available in both gloss and matte. Each film in the Chrome PPF series is engineered to provide the utmost protection while enhancing your vehicle's look. Embrace the fusion of style and substance, and let your car make a statement that’s uniquely yours.

Built to last

With CHROME PPF series, you're not just investing in aesthetic enhancement, but also long-term protection. We stand by the durability and quality of our products, which is why we offer a robust 10-year warranty. With CHROME PPF, you can trust that your vehicle's charm will last, just like our commitment to you.

10 Year Warranty
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