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Smooth and sleek

Experience the perfect blend of stunning matte aesthetics and robust paint protection with DYNOmatte's self-healing, hydrophobic, and damage-resistant features.

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cutting edge PPF technology

Get the best in vehicle protection

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Smooth Satin Finish
Extreme%0 Dweatherproofing 1
Water Repellent
Damage%0 Dresistance 1
Damage Resistance
Self Healing 1
Self-Healing Properties
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Unrivaled Matte Finish Protection

Discover the alluring charm of a matte finish without the headache of constant upkeep. DYNOmatte masterfully fuses the visual appeal of satin paint with unparalleled protection against dents, chips, and stains. Our innovative film safeguards your vehicle's original paint while maintaining its pristine appearance, ensuring your ride looks as good as new for years to come.

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Innovative Protection, Refined Style

The Matte Paint Protection Film Game-Changer

STEK's DYNOmatte is the trailblazer in the PPF industry, boasting ground-breaking TPU technology and exceptional hydrophobic properties. Our one-of-a-kind film perfectly matches an array of factory frost, frozen, and matte paints, providing superior protection and a flawless finish. Elevate your vehicle's style and shield its original paint with DYNOmatte, the ultimate fusion of cutting-edge protection and refined aesthetics that sets a new standard in automotive paint protection.

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Built to last

With DYNOmatte, you can drive worry-free knowing your investment is secure. Our 10-year warranty covers yellowing, bubbling, delamination, and cracking, ensuring your vehicle's protection remains uncompromised. Experience the ultimate combination of stylish aesthetics and reliable protection with DYNOmatte, and enjoy a decade of impeccable performance and striking appearance.

10 Year Warranty
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