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Detailed dimension

Make a bold statement with DYNOprism's color-shifting metallic flake finish while ensuring maximum paint protection from scratches, chips, and damage.

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shift colors like a chameleon

Unique at every angle

Impact%0 Dresistant 1
Impact Resistant
Crystal Clear%0 Dvisibility 1
High Gloss Finish
Hydrophobic 1
Super Hydrophobic
Self Healing 1
Self-Healing Properties
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A Prism of Possibilities

Embrace a world of ever-changing hues that accentuate your vehicle's curves and lines. As it protects your car's paint from everyday wear and tear, this innovative PPF also adds a unique, eye-catching dimension to your vehicle's appearance, elevating it to new heights of style and ensuring it remains the center of attention wherever it goes.

PPF Technology

Revolutionary Aesthetics, Advanced Protection

Unleash the Magic of a Detailed Dimension

DYNOprism adds a unique prism effect to your car's exterior. With DYNOprism, your car will dazzle and sparkle like never before, reflecting a stunning array of colors and shades from every angle. This glossy glitter effect will make your car look like a work of art, as it constantly changes and transforms with the light. Its advanced TPU technology ensures your vehicle remains safeguarded against dents, rock chips, and impact damages, while its distinctive ultra-gloss glitter finish captures the essence of individuality and self-expression, making every angle a new experience.

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Built to last

Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures your investment remains protected, offering you lasting peace of mind and enduring beauty for your vehicle. Experience the ultimate combination of striking aesthetics and reliable protection with DYNOprism, and enjoy a decade of captivating performance and show-stopping appearance.

10 Year Warranty
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SGS Certified
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