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SMART series

Premium Nano-ceramic Window Film

As far as window films go, SMART is a no-brainer. Our optical-grade PET films contain nano-ceramic particles resulting in outstanding temperature maintenance.









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Goodbye, glare & heat.

The SMART Series is crafted for those who demand exceptional performance and superior comfort. Exploiting the advanced ceramic technology of Tungsten, ITO, and ATO, it offers a perfect blend of heat rejection, UV protection, glare reduction, and privacy.

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Glare Reduction

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UV Protection

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Window Film Difference

Unleashing the Power of Tungsten, ITO, and ATO

The SMART Series is a masterpiece built on the cutting-edge technology of Tungsten, ITO, and ATO. These precious raw materials provide high heat rejection and excellent comfort, all while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. The unique composition of these materials offers excellent stability and longevity, ensuring that your window film remains functional and attractive for many years.

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The SMART Series Difference

The SMART Series offers a comprehensive suite of benefits designed to transform your driving experience. Apart from enhancing your vehicle's appearance and privacy, it provides a remarkable level of comfort. The heat reduction feature ensures your drives are enjoyable, even during the height of summer. The glare reduction feature improves driving safety, while the superior UV protection keeps you and your vehicle's interior safe from harmful solar radiation. The enhanced privacy safeguards your personal space, providing an extra layer of security. All these benefits come without compromising your vehicle's aesthetics. The SMART Series is more than just a window film - it's a smart investment in your comfort, privacy, and vehicle's longevity.

Built to last

We stand firmly behind the quality and durability of our SMART Series. Our conviction is reflected in our comprehensive warranty, offering you peace of mind with your purchase. Trust in the SMART Series, trust in STEK.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
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